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Pickit Software release 2.2

What’s in it for you? Use CAD models for teaching your parts and benefit from multiple and flexible pick points to increase your pick rate.You asked, we delivered!

Based on the feedback we get from the market, the Pickit team keeps pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in (bin) picking.

1. Teach your parts from CAD files

Do you need to pick complex 3D parts like crankshafts? Teach your part by uploading a single CAD file and save yourself the headache of teaching multiple camera views. The entire part is captured in one shot and taught to the camera in no time. This is not only very fast, but also allows to specify pick points with absolute accuracy.

Still prefer regular camera teaching? We got you - you can still teach your parts with the camera and the easy user experience you're already familiar with.

2. Pick more parts

Pickit is not just about detecting parts, but also about being able to pick them. Our two new features significantly increase the pick reachability of objects.

Multiple pick points

If you ever felt limited because you could only set one pick point for your object, we have some good news: you can now specify as many pick points as you want for your part. The image below shows an example of a power socket being picked by a suction gripper.

Having multiple pick points increases the likelihood that parts are reachable even if they overlap or are close to obstacles like bin walls. Another advantage is that you can find the pick point that requires the smallest robot displacement to reach. This will minimize robot motion and in turn optimize cycle time!

Flexible pick orientations

Individual pick points are often subject to some flexibility. For instance, if we pick the power socket with a suction gripper, the flexibility of its bellows allow tolerating some gripper tilt, and rotations about the approach direction.

3. Get the update now

The new features open up the possibilities of bin picking. Want to increase your pick rate too? Follow these three easy steps to get the software update:

  1. Download the new version here.

  2. Navigate to ‘Settings’ in the Pickit interface.

  3. Under ‘Upgrade Pickit version’, click the 'Upload and Install Upgrades’ button.

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